I took the Introduction to Business DSST. It was great! I earned three credits toward my Business Administration degree in about an hour. The DSST test I took saved me countless classroom and study hours, as well as around $400.00 for the three credits that I would have had to spend for the real class. Thank you DSST!
  • Trisha H. via Facebook
Students who participate in Prior Learning Assessment (such as DSST exams) are more likely to graduate. And graduate faster!
  • CAEL & Lumina Foundation for Education Survey
The DSST exams have shortened my length of time in college by approximately 1 year. I will have acquired a total of 30 elective hours after I take my final DSST exam. These test saved me a bundle as compared to what the actual classes would have cost. The bottom line is it saved me time and money. It was truly a win-win situation.
  • DSST Test Taker